Did you know that when it comes to cleaning your rug or your carpet at home, you have more than one option? Carpet cleaning does not depend on shampooing your carpet alone, there are a lot more ways that can be done to mapmaker sure your carpet or rug at home is thoroughly clean and fresh to use. 

• Hot water extraction 

If you have heard about steam cleaning before, this is basically it. He cleaning method incorporated in hot water extraction focuses on dissolving any mud, dust and dirt from your rug and carpet through the use of the use of a highly pressurized hot water. Through this process, you are sure that the fibers of your carpet or rug fluffs because there is pressure while water is introduced.  

• Carpet shampooing 

This method of carpet cleaning is more popularly known to carpet and rug owners. As the name suggests, this method is just like how a person shampoos his or her hair, however with the help of a brush that rotates. The process is done continuously till the carpet or rug is cleaned and is residue-free. 

• Carpet dry cleaning 

This process involves a detergent with a chemical agent focused on getting rid of dirt in your rug or carpet. The powder is introduced in combination of a small water and is pushes through your rug and carpet using a brush that has a rotating function. An equipment is then used after the rushing process to ensure any detergent particles have been gotten.  

• Encapsulation 

This method is specially designed for carpets or rugs that are considered too dirty. This method incorporates a specially formulated foaming agent in order to clean the carpet or rug by bubbling away the filth. The foam is designed to trap or absorb the dirt trapped in the carpe or rug’s fibers. Through the aid of steam, the foam is then taken out of the carpet or rug. 

Out of all the methods mentioned, what is really the best method for your carpet? 

Technically, all methods work however each method has one advantage over the other. Moreover, the cleaning you need and the time constraints are both factors to choosing the method for you. If you want a quick clean for your carpet or rug because you have a lot of guest coming over on the weekend, then you should go for cleaning methods that do not necessarily include the presence of water however if you have the luxury of time, you can go for a deep clean and take advantage of the hot water introduced to make sure your rug or carpet is sanitized as well. 

Whether you are going for a quick or deeper clan, investing in professionals to do your rug or carpet clean is important. Yes, you have the option to do it yourself, however I assure you that you won’t have the same excellent result. Looking for pros to help you clean your carpet or rug? Rug cleaning Pleasanton CA offers both rug and carpet cleaning!